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Welcome! My name is Jessica, and I drive a minivan.

Why, you ask? Because, in addition to being the owner and operator of Dream Enrichment Classes and Camps, I am also a Sacramento mom of three. In fact, my three kids are the reason I started these afterschool programs in the first place.

I created Dream Enrichment afterschool programs so that we could have high-quality, enriching programs, right in our neighborhood.

The icing on the cake, is that all Dream Enrichment afterschool programs are held right after school, on the elementary school campus. When the bell rings at the end of the school day, our kids can walk right over to Firefly Art or Early Engineers class. As parents, all we have to do is pick up our kids one hour later than we usually would!

In the end, I think enrichment programs should exist in our community to fill any gaps in education and to give our children the extra encouragement they need in such a competitive world. I want our kids to have every advantage and opportunity available in order to become happy and successful adults.

If I could achieve that, while avoiding an extra shuttle-run in my minivan? Well now, that would be a dream.

Jessica Tindel

We are proud to offer:

Firefly Art

More than drawing.

We offer Firefly Art because the creative process is a fundamental part of development.
While Firefly Art teaches drawing skills with a variety of art media, it also teaches children life skills. In Firefly Art, we embrace “mistakes” as part of life, and we learn to move through those mistakes, and beyond them. We want our students to be able to draw as a secondary means of communication, to relish in the creative process, and to also learn how to design creative solutions when we make "mistakes".

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Early Engineers

More than building.

We offer Early Engineers because too many children shy away from math and science.
We want our kids, and yours, to be exposed to topics like velocity, momentum and bioluminescence, alongside a familiar friend, the Lego brick. That way, when they go off to Junior High and High School, they will be more comfortable and willing to raise their hand when these topics come up. Familiarity now, will lead to the confidence to engage later.

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More than screen time. NEW!

We offer Honeycode because our children need to be creators, and not just consumers of technology.
As our world becomes increasingly more tech-dependent, the best way to ensure future success is for children to become tech-savvy today. However, we want our students to go beyond being able to teach us how to change the wallpaper on our iPhone! They need to learn the language of technology, so that when they grow up, they can create and contribute with the best of them.

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What Sacramento parents are saying:

  • My daughter has been taking classes from Firefly Art for two years now. It's an exceptional program with great instructors. She has a love of art now, and I think Firefly has been a huge positive influence on her. We'll continue to sign her up every year!

    Stacey E. Firefly Art
  • My son has autism; he is very high functioning and has a hard time socializing. He has attended Early Engineers for two years. It is a great program because it helps him to socialize in a natural setting doing something he loves. It takes him a long time to feel comfortable with his peers and this program gives him the opportunity. I would highly recommend this program for any child that loves building. Thank you Early Engineers!

    Darla M. Early Engineers
  • My son attended his Early Engineers class last school year and absolutely LOVED IT!!!The classes are engaging, hands-on, individual and group oriented. They use various different types of building materials from Legos to K'nex to everything in between - all the while learning about physics. This class awakens the scientific minds of children! I really liked that a paper is sent home talking about what was learned, including some vocabulary words and definitions. Fantastic program — this year both my kids will be enrolled!

    Nursey N. Early Engineers
  • My daughter just attended a five-day art camp, and It. Was. AWESOME! The instructors were friendly and fun, and the curriculum was outstanding. Quite honestly, I didn't think they would be able to keep my daughter's attention for 5 hours a day for five straight days doing art, but they did. The projects were varied, interesting, and very entertaining to make, and the final pieces - showcased at an "art gallery" the last day - were adorable. The staff send emails informing parents of the day's happenings and other tidbits, such as which artist they studied, etc. Firefly art is simply fabulous!

    Kelly H. Firefly Art
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The Dream Team works hard to provide our community with high quality programs that create happy, smart, confident children, and inspire a life-long love of learning.

Proudly Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence

Firmly committed to STEAM-enriched education - long before it was cool!

We Care

The projects we provide are intentionally created to enrich your child… not just to keep them busy.

We're Reliable

Our instructors are handpicked to confidently deliver exceptional classes in a safe environment.

We're Flexible

Our flexibility with class programming helps schools integrate new curriculum where there are gaps.

We're Comprehensive

We help to build a school’s reputation for a well-rounded educational experience.

We're Experienced

We have over 10 years of providing Sacramento with quality, home-grown enrichment programs.

We're Motivated

We have programs in over 70 schools, and work to exceed expectations at all of them.

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