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Honecycode Schedule

We offer Honeycode because our children need to be creators, and not just consumers of technology. As our world becomes increasingly more tech-dependent, the best way to ensure future success is for children to become tech-savvy today. However, we want our students to go beyond being able to teach us how to change the wallpaper on our iPhone! They need to learn the language of technology, so that when they grow up, they can create and contribute with the best of them.

Age Requirements

Open to grades 2nd - 6th

HoneyCode Beginner

This class is for kids that haven’t tried our Honeycode class before. It's the perfect camp to learn the basics and intermediate concepts of game design. Students will start off with basics of the program and advance to a level where they'll be able to work independently and code a video game of their own design. Understand programming concepts like movement, graphics, sounds, loops etc.

HoneyCode Intermediate.

This class is for kids that are familiar with Scratch programming. Students who already attended our previous Honeycode sessions and are comfortable with Scratch can enroll here. Game goals include understanding blocks, loops, sensors, lists, broadcast, variables, and building multi-player games & multi-level games. Sky is the limit

Many people think computer science is vocational, but the truth is, it's foundational.

Technology now affects every job field. Meanwhile, while computers and software are changing everything, the majority of schools don't even teach computer science! HoneyCode aims to bring more computer science into our community, while teaching students the basics of coding from a young age. These practices have shown to improve cognition and critical reasoning skills across all aspects of a child's education.

9 in 10

parents want their child to study computer science

1 in 4

schools provide computer programming classes

Frequently Asked Questions:

What ages/grades do you accept?
We teach HoneyCode programming to students in 2nd through 7th grades in our after-school and virtual coding classes.

What is the regular breakdown of a Firefly Art Virtual Class?
Class is an Hour long with the following breakdown: Welcome-3 to 5 Minutes; Attendance-3 to 5 Minutes; Instructor-led videogame coding class-50 Minutes ; Good Byes: 3 to 5 Minutes

How do we join the class after registering for the class?
Classes are held virtually online. We will send you the code for your class 24 hours before your class start time. You can use this code and the instructions in our email to login to your class and join the instruction.

What supplies do I need for the class?
Your child will need a laptop that has internet connection to be able to access our virtual class. We will access the Scratch website from the laptop. So creating an account in the Scratch.edu website or if you have a windows laptop, downloading and installing Scratch Desktop app is recommended. Please make sure the child has a book, pen, and laptop charger cord on hand before starting the class

How do I register for Honeycode Class?
You can register by clicking here. You will always receive an email confirmation when you register for a Honeycode class.

How many children do you accept in your class?
We are limiting enrollments in our virtual classes to 6 students, to ensure every child receives enough encouragement and attention and also in consideration of the inherent challenges of an online class which we are offering for the first time in honeycode.

Is every class or session different?
Yes, Honeycode projects will never repeat..

Who are your teachers?
Honeycode teachers are a combination of aspiring programmers and current or future teachers. All of our instructors go through comprehensive training on the Honeycode teaching processes. In addition, all of our instructors are fingerprinted and cleared through the CA Department of Justice..

What kind of projects will my child do?
We explore Scratch, an MIT Designed block programming language, inspired and created for kids. Within each session, students will explore a variety of functions that Scratch offers. Focus is on learning new concepts or honing in on concepts that kids didn’t have a lot of chance to practice yet!

What is your cancellation policy?
The cost of supplies is non-refundable. If you choose to cancel your registration on or after the session start date, a $25 cancellation fee will be collected for the cost of supplies. Amount left over from unused classed will be credited to your account to be used for future classes.

What if my child is sick and misses a class?
In the event of your child becoming ill or has class commitments during the program, we can try to schedule a make up class on another day of the week. If we are unable to schedule a make up class, we will issue a credit for the missed class. To schedule a make up class or receive a credit, you must email to inform Dream Enrichment of the absence within 1 week and the max number of absences you can be credited for in a session is 1.

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