Games to Counter Summer Learning Loss

Featured on Good Day Sacramento

With summer in full swing, your kids probably aren’t giving much thought to reading, science or math. But a complete lack of thinking over the summer can make the start of school an uphill battle. At Dream Enrichment Classes we have some fun games and activities to fend off summer learning loss.

The key to these kinds of activities and games is that they aren’t like a lesson. Kids learn engineering, science or tech concepts while they play. They don’t even realize they’re getting exposed to key concepts:
    · Engineering – design & structural integrity
    · Science – chemical reactions, physics
    · Technology – introductory programming

Blow & Blast Bonanza ($35)

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This simple kit teaches kids about air pressure, buoyancy, chemical reactions. The kit includes everything you need to do many projects: Make a hover craft, make a marshmallow shooter and much more.

Disgusting Science ($25)

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This kit allows kids to learn about the germs that live on your body and around your house. You can grow bacteria in culture or make your own blood and snot, even an intestine. Gross but very educational!

Magic Science ($25)

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Explore “magic” potions with color-changing powders in this kit. Experiment with chemical reactions. To add to the fun you can make your own wand & wizard hat.

Experimental hands-on learning is a great way to engage kids in learning. K’nex and Legos offer a great way for kids to get their hands on learning while having so much fun. So much of school time includes fear of failure:

· There’s only one “right” answer on the test
· Kids don’t learn to tinker & problem solve so much as memorize
Hands on activities teach kids that failure is just a step on the path to figuring out a better way.

K’Nex - Intro to Structures Bridges ($40)

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Part of their K’NEX Education line, this includes a teacher’s guide that aligns with Common Core mathematics. There are enough pieces to build 13 fully-functioning replicas of real world structures. It also teaches History & design of real-world bridges. Engineering elements include what makes the structure strong and what creates a weak point.

Makey Makey ($50)

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In our HoneyCode classes we use Makey Makey to introduce kids to circuits and programming. The kids can make musical instruments out of anything that conducts electricity. The most fun example is creating a “Banana Piano”.