An underwater shell-erbration!

Firefly Art

An underwater shell-erbration!

We changed things up this week by drawing a sea turtle! We took some advice from a sea turtle and got comfortable in our own ART shells! We achieved this underwater drawing by learning about blending and shading.

We used Prismacolor colored pencils in this week’s masterpiece. These color pencils allowed us to create depth to the water, add shading, and include an array of sea friends to the background!

This project included:

  • Imagining what other sea friends were keeping our turtle company.
  • Blending out colors to show depth in the water.
  • Creating details in the background with shading, our new art skill.

Can't get enough of Sea Turtles?

This YouTube video about sea turtles is just under 2 minutes! Click here to watch!

Want to hear a few Sea Turtle jokes?

  • What do you get when you cross a porcupine with a turtle? - A slowpoke!
  • What do turtles use to communicate? - A shellphone!
  • What kind of photos does a turtle take? - Shellfies!
  • What kind of jokes do sea turtles (and art instructors) tell? - Shell-arious ones!

We loved being able to sea what everyone came up with. Stay tuned for next week’s transition from making a splash in the ocean to diving into a bowl of ice cream! Yum!

From the Firefly Art Team to you – Keep Dreaming!
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Picture Disclaimer: Any photos shown in this blog post are from recent classes in the greater Sacramento area. Photo locations will vary each week.