Sandpaper Surf's Up

Firefly Art

Sandpaper Surf's Up

Catch a wave with this week's awesome Firefly Art project: our artists used sandpaper and colorful crayons to make this radical beach scene!

The advantage of making this week's picture on sandpaper is that it gives our artists' images great texture. Texture is the perceived surface quality (rough, smooth, etc.) of a work of art: the rough paper in these pictures helps create a nice sandy shoreline!

This week's drawing is also made in a very stylized manner. Stylized pictures are those drawn in a unique way, distinct from how things may appear in the realistic world we see everyday. Our Firefly artists certainly had fun making the curls of the waves and the striking patterns on their surfboards, using all manner of crazy, vibrant colors!

We hope your Firefly Artist enjoyed this artistic trip to the beach. Join us again next time as we go on a creative safari!