Safari Jeep

Firefly Art

Safari Jeep

Friday cheers, Firefly Fans! This week, Firefly Art went on safari to learn about patterns in the animal kingdom and some exciting new shading techniques!

Our awesome artists used soft pastels and bright colored pencils to complete this amazing adventure scene, featuring a camouflaged Jeep and a friendly rhinoceros. As we shaded in the darker shadows beneath the sun on the African savanna, we learned about crosshatching. Crosshatching is a technique for marking or shading with two or more intersecting series of parallel lines. This makes its easy to blend multiple colors together with just a few pencil strokes!

We also learned about patterns in nature. Our Firefly Art instructors brought in multiple examples of patterns from the animal kingdom: zebra stripes, leopard spots, giraffe polka dots, and so much more! Our artists had a blast patterning their pictures with all kinds of decorative designs inspired by the wild color combinations of nature.

There's still more nature and art adventures in store for this year's Firefly Art Summer camp! Campers can draw some favorite animal friends and get messy with exciting new projects like shaving cream paint zebras, swinging trapeze monkeys, and clay polar bear cubs - plus, don't miss animal visits from the Folsom and Sacramento Zoos! Spots are going fast: camp dates, details and registration are available here!

We hope your Firefly Artist enjoyed this smashing safari expedition: join us again next time as we explore an exciting art history spotlight on one of the 20th century's most influential artists!