Popcorn Movie Poster

Firefly Art

Popcorn Movie Poster

Lights, camera, action! This week, our fantastic Firefly Artists learned about commercial art and relief-sculpture, and made these magnificent movie posters!

Commercial art is the art of creative services, referring to graphic design and art created for commercial purposes, primarily advertising. Commercial art traditionally includes designing books, advertisements of different products, signs, posters, and other displays to promote sale of products, services, or ideas. This week, our pictures were made to display an imaginary movie theater's popcorn and coming attractions. Perhaps one day, our Firefly Artists will work in the exciting graphic design field!

Relief sculpture, we learned, is a very special sculptural technique. The term relief is from the Latin relevo, to raise. To create a sculpture in relief is to give the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the flat background plane. Our artists created relief sculpture in this picture by making 3D popcorn pieces out of clay to jump right out from the surface of our drawings!

We hope your Firefly Artist enjoyed this exciting look into the world of art and ads. Join us again next week, when Firefly Art will take a trip to the beach!