Polar Bears

Firefly Art

Polar Bears

Pure polar prettiness! This week, Firefly Art used charcoal, soft pastels, and colorful paper frames to make these beautiful bears.

By blending our charcoal and color pastel shadows in this week's drawing, we learned about gradation. This is a visual technique of gradually transitioning from one color hue to another, or from one shade to another, or one texture to another. Notice how this technique allows us to make both flowing shadows and fur texture on our pictures!

We also learned about making highlights, areas or a spots in a drawing, painting, or photograph that are strongly illuminated. Notice how there are bright white spots on our bears' eyes and noses: these areas of reflected light form the highlights of our pictures!

We hope that making these colorful bears was among the highlights of your little artist's week. Join us again next time, where we'll explore art from a remarkable Japanese cultural tradition!