Comic Strip

Firefly Art

Superhero Comic Strip

Before superheroes dominated the box office, they lived on the pages of comics like these! This week, our Firefly Artists drew their very own caped heroes to learn about graphic art and illustrated storytelling.

Graphic art is defined as visual art based on the use of line and tone rather than three-dimensional work or the use of color. Classic comics were inked in this high contrast "graphic" style to make them easier to print on a mass scale, resulting in a very distinctive look.

Our Firefly Artists truly enjoyed drawing in the frames of their comics: some made their own versions of their favorite caped crusaders, others invented whole new characters and plot lines of their own! Our class saw that comics provide a unique way to tell stories using visual art, and relished the possibilities of each panel.

We hope your little artist enjoyed inking their superhero adventure! Join us again next week, where we'll use oil pastels to make a fantastic new feline friend!