Firefly Art


Friday greetings, Firefly Art fans! This week, our artists used flair pens and soft pastels to draw these fantastic tributes to the classic Flavian Amphitheatre in Rome!

The Colosseum is a large oval shaped amphitheater in Rome, Italy. Built from concrete and sand in the first century AD, it was estimated to have held as many as 80,000 spectators for public spectacles, mock battles, and gladiatorial contests. It remains today a classic, iconic symbol of the ancient Roman Empire.

By using water and Q-tips to spread the flair pens' water soluble ink, our artists were able to practice their shading techniques on the Colosseum's grand arches. By creating areas of light and dark, we made cast shadows created by the thick walls of the amphitheater, resulting in a realistic, 3D representation of the building!

To complete our masterpieces, we colored our drawings with vibrant soft pastels. We saw all kinds of spectacular colors and additions to the Colosseum's classic facade: some Firefly Artists blended colors together in exciting combinations, others added soldiers, dragons, and all manner of fantastic elements to their pictures! We hope your Firefly Artist enjoyed drawing and learning about this piece of ancient history: join us again next week as Firefly takes a bold leap into the future!