Pneumatic Machine

Early Engineers

Pneumatic Machine

This week, our Early Engineers are positively pumped to learn with this lesson on pneumatic machines and air compression!

Pneumatics is a branch of physics that when applied to technology makes use of gas or pressurized air. Air pressure in pneumatic systems acts like a spring, storing all the air until it is released. There are a variety of pneumatic tools that serve different purposes. For example, there is the bicycle pump which helps inflate flat tires by compressing air through the device into the tire.

This week, our Early Engineers made a model pneumatic crane by using Popsicle sticks, syringes, and plastic tubing to make a compressed air pump system. By pushing down the syringe's plunger, we were able to pump air through the system and raise and lower the arm of the crane!

We hope your little builder enjoyed using these novel materials to creatively explore the science of air compression systems. Join us again next week, when our Early Engineers will use LEGOs to learn about the 'sweet' side of simple machines!