LEGO Logging Truck

Early Engineers

LEGO Logging Truck

Timber! This week, our bold builders used LEGOs to learn about load capacity and ratchets while making these lovely logging trucks!

Logging trucks are a type of truck used to carry logs. There are two main types of logging truck, those used on rough ground, and those used on normal roads. Most forests are very uneven and would be difficult to traverse with a regular truck, so there is a type of logging truck for use just in these areas. These trucks have the ability to handle rough terrain, but don’t have as much carrying capacity or power as their counterpart. The other kind of logging truck has a massive amount of carrying capacity and many have the ability to balance the weight of the load between the cab and trailer. These trucks are used to transport many logs over long distances using regular roads.

Load Capacity is the amount of an object something can carry. This takes into account both weight and physical size of the objects being carried. Logging trucks (like the one pictured above) must be able to carry very large loads!

In order to secure their cargo, loggers often use ratchets to tie down loose items. A ratchet is a device with a locking mechanism causing it to be capable of moving or rotating in only one direction. It is typically used to tighten and hold straps or other securing devices.

Our Early Engineers had a fantastic time designing colorful, multi-wheeled logging trucks with LEGO bricks. Some were even specially outfitted to transport extra large cargo loads throughout the classroom! Join us again next week, when our Early Engineers will explore pneumatic machines with some exciting new materials!