Jurassic World Preview

Early Engineers

Jurassic World Camp Preview

It's an adventure millions of years in the making: this week, our bold builders got a sneak peak of this year's Jurassic World Adventure summer camp!

While using LEGOs to build a variety of Jurassic dinosaur species, our Engineers also learned about Isaac Newton's first law of motion. Newton’s First Law says that an object in motion will stay in motion and that an object at rest will stay at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. If you see something change its motion, then some force must be acting on it. The amount of force required to change an object's motion is called inertia. Large objects like dinosaurs are surely hard to move, and can be said to have a lot of inertia!

In order to explore this concept, our Early Engineers practiced capturing their dinosaurs with Popsicle-stick cages. These moving LEGO creatures needed to be captured with dino-sized cages in order to change their motion!

There's plenty more fun to be had this year at Early Engineers' STEMtastic Jurassic building camp! Engineer adventurers will build theme park attractions to learn about structural engineering and building science, as well as dig for dinosaur fossils to learn about the real world science of paleontology. Spots are going fast: click here to reserve your child's place in this year's stupendous summer adventure today!