A Big Lift from a Little Pressure!

Early Engineers


This week we built our very own hovercraft! This take home physical engineering project blew our minds! This hands-on learning project allowed us discuss friction and air pressure.

This project included:

  • Discussing the science behind what propels certain objects
  • Demonstrating friction and air pressure with the hovercrafts we created
  • Brainstorming other motions or objects that demonstrate friction and air pressure, such as our shoes on the ground while walking, or inflating a bicycle tire.

Family Activity:

Hovering on the idea of hovercrafts?
Learn 12 interesting hovercraft facts by clicking here!
Thank you for contributing to another fun week! Stay tuned for next week’s transition from a hover jet to a LEGO Windmill!

From the Early Engineers Team to you – Keep Dreaming!
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Picture Disclaimer: Any photos shown in this blog post are from recent classes in the greater Sacramento area. Photo locations will vary each week.

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