Citibloc Biodome

Early Engineers

Citibloc Biodome

Happy Earth Day! To celebrate, Early Engineers made these Biodomes to learn about closed systems, homeostasis, and self-contained environments.

A biodome like the ones pictured above is a completely contained structure holding a habitat that is totally separate from the outside world. This what is known as a closed system. A Controlled Environment or Closed Ecological System is an ecosystem that does not rely on matter exchange with any part outside the system. These systems are used for conducting scientific tests, and are potentially able to serve as a life support system during extended duration space flight, in space stations, or in space habitats.

To replicate these circular structures, our Early Engineers learned a new building technique for stacking the CitiBlocs in a linking pattern to make a completely covered dome. In playing with these colorful blocks, our Early Engineers also learned that our Earth itself is its own closed system. Aside from solar light from the sun, no life support comes in from the vacuum of outer space. All life and life support systems are held together on this planet alone. Everything we know and love is held together on this one beautiful blue globe, the solar system's original biodome!

We hope your little builder enjoyed this valuable lesson on the value of our planet's ecosystem. Join us again next week, where we'll take a trip to Earth's ancient past!