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The "one size fits all" approach of our education system can leave even the brightest students falling behind.
80% of jobs in the next decade will require STEM skills
A job in a STEM career field statistically offers more stability, higher income, & more growth than non-STEM career paths

Are you assuming your child's school day is doing enough to lead your child to a successful STEM career?

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I want to give my child every opportunity to succeed in life.

That’s why I try to get my daughter, Addison, involved in team sports, the school play, art classes, and why I patiently try to help her with her math homework - even when I'd rather curl up with that book I’ve been meaning to finish! I would do whatever was necessary to help her succeed in life.

Being a parent means we spend a lot of time worrying about our childrens’ future success and happiness. Have you ever felt like giving your child every opportunity meant you must sign them up for every extracurricular activity known to man? Piano, soccer, karate, gymnastics...the list goes on and on.

There are not enough hours in the day for that! I started thinking: there has to be a better way.

You probably already know how important it is for our children to have STEM skills in order to ensure future success. I spent a lot of time thinking about this. How do I know if Addison possesses the right STEM skills? It would be so great to know the exact strengths and weaknesses that Addison has. Not in subjects like reading and history, but core abilities that shape the way she thinks.

That’s when I found out it would cost over $1000 to have an individualized education plan made for my child. Now it makes sense why most children never receive an individualized education plan in their student life. That’s a lot of money!

Do you want a chance to do the thing most parents never do: get an individualized assessment outlining their child’s strengths and aptitude for a career in STEM? Me too! That's why I'm so excited about what STEM Score is offering.

Jessica Tindel

Jessica Tindel

Owner of Dream Enrichment Classes & Camps

What is a STEM Score?

STEM Score is an online 30-minute assessment that accurately measures your child's current STEM "fitness" level.

Research has shown that three skills are critical for success in STEM fields

The assessment asks age-appropriate questions in these 3 key areas to determine your child's STEM Score:

Spatial Reasoning

Spatial Reasoning

The capacity to think about objects in three dimensions and to draw conclusions about those objects from limited information.

Proportional Reasoning

Proportional Reasoning

Reasoning that involves a sense of multiple comparisons, and the ability to mentally store and process several pieces of information.

Pitch Pattern Perception

Pitch Pattern Perception

We test students abilities to determine tonal frequencies and patterns, which is correlated with language acquisition skills.

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Example Questions:

Example questions

You will receive immediate results after the STEM Score assessment

Including your child's STEM Score and specific recommendations in consideration of their strengths. Start Now

You will also receive:

Study Techniques

Strategies & Tips

Game Suggestions

Everyday Activities

Apps & more!

All specifically designed to help your child improve in the areas where they may lack strength now.

Paul de Gennaro

Paul de Gennaro Ph.D.

Professor of Anatomy and Physiology

About the developer

STEM-Score was developed by Dr. Paul de Gennaro, a PhD graduate of UC Davis Learning and Mind Science program, and is currently a Professor of Anatomy and Physiology. Dr. de Gennaro developed STEM-Score based on research that shows a strong correlation between three key measures (spatial ability, proportional reasoning and pitch pattern perception) and long term success in STEM academics.

"It’s no secret why there is so much emphasis at schools nationwide on science, technology, engineering, and math: Simply put, that’s where the jobs are."

This measure has been used from 1st grade to post-secondary students since 2012. It’s Dr. de Gennaro’s mission to empower students and parents to take charge of their education and recognize how they can shape their future success in STEM-related fields. Understanding how your child scores on this assessment will give you valuable insight into how they perceive the world around them, and specific recommendations to improve each of the key areas.


STEM-Score is a valuable innovation in the field of STEM education.

The program takes a PRO-ACTIVE approach toward engaging students in STEM by unveiling their aptitudes that might otherwise go unnoticed. Current standardized assessments do not address many of the skills that are valued in the workplace, but STEM-Score helps students to realize their potential as problem solvers. Teachers who have been introduced to STEM-Score in our professional development programs are excited to implement suggested strategies for skill development that will lead students to greater success in STEM.

A. Stephens - Center for Mathematics & Science Education, Chico State University

R. Van Roekel - Paradise, CA

Just set aside 30 minutes and 'voila' instant reporting & suggestions.

Finally, some research based data about whether my student has the skill set to go into a STEM career. As an 8th grade science teacher, I find, that despite best efforts, report cards tend to be somewhat subjective and vague. I like that this test takes out that subjective bias. The test is so easy to give. Just set aside 30 minutes and 'voila' instant reporting with great suggestions. The report really gave me some concrete places to go and activities to do with my child for growth in STEM skills.

C. Jackson - Sacramento, CA

An easy way to learn more about my son and get clear help...

I'm a mom to three boys. My oldest son loves math and science and the STEM Score test was a fast and easy way for us to see where he falls on the STEM spectrum and where we could help grow his natural abilities. At first, I was worried it might be a fight in order to get my son to take a "test," but he actually thought it was fun and even said some of the parts were like a game. After he was done, we got instant results and I saw that he has room for improvement in pitch pattern perception. The follow-up email showed me ways to strengthen his skills through classes that might benefit him, as well as study habits and apps. All in all, I thought this was an easy way to learn more about my son and get clear help on what I can do to help set him up for success.

C. Sanchez - Rocklin, CA

Because of STEM Score, I know how to better prepare him for the future.

I'm so glad I found STEM Score! Now I know where my son's natural STEM abilities lie and where he can improve. Teachers are so busy trying to fit in all the required lessons, there isn't always time to adequately explore STEM education. I know that STEM is so important for whatever he chooses to do in the future. Because of STEM Score, which is not only well laid out but fun to take, I know how to better prepare him for the future.

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Projected Percentage Increases in STEM Jobs (2010-2020)

What is average?

Our schools teach to the "average child". But what is average?

Schools are doing their very best and teaching our children a variety of lessons and skills. It is impossible for them to cater their lessons specifically to each child in their class, however. As you can see in this graphic, each child is truly individual.

As parents, it is our duty to go above and beyond the groundwork that the school day provides. First, we must identify the areas our child lacks strength and then we must supplement their education in ways that are specific to their needs.

The world of work is changing, and changing fast.

Most employees can expect to change jobs, and their respective job duties multiple times. This is true whether they stay in one career field or switch to another career entirely. Compounding this fact is that the majority of jobs will change completely due to updated technology and developments in innovation. One of the best skills we can give the workforce of tomorrow is the ability to learn, problem solve, and analyze problems.

Ultimately, STEM has become a gateway to career success, and you are your child’s best advocate for STEM education. By choosing to find out your child's STEM-fitness level, you are choosing to be an active participant in your child's future career success. You can't chart a course for their future without finding out where they are as of today.

What is Average?

Stem Score Benefits

Understand Learning

Gain a better understanding of how your child learns

Individual Focus

Create an efficient and uniquely individualized education plan

Save time

Focus your child's time on activities tailored to their potential

Build confidence

Help reinforce and boost your child's confidence in STEM subjects


Capitalize on the skillset your child already possesses

Maximize Potential

Maximize their ability to succeed in future STEM-intensive fields

NOTE: The data from this assessment shows that students’ scores are not correlated with gender or race. This score is not a static score such as an IQ score. It can be improved over time, with activities that build each of these key areas. We recommend waiting 6 months to re-test.

The first people to purchase get $30 OFF with coupon code: DREAM17. Your child can take the assessment at any time. (One test per purchase.)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my child need to be an independent reader to take the assessment?

No, we offer a version of the assessment where all questions are in video format.

What age is the assessment for?

The assessment is available for children from 1 st grade through adult.

How long will the assessment take?

The STEM Score Assessment takes approximately 25-35 minutes.

When will I see the results?

STEM Score results will be presented immediately, upon completion of the assessment.

How often can my child take the STEM Score Assessment?

We don’t recommend taking the assessment again for 6 months. This gives your child time to develop the skills that are recommended in the profile.

Does my child need to be ready to take the assessment right away?

No. You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase with specific login credentials that you can use at any time. (One-time use)